Thursday, February 27, 2014

(and more tacos and dragons...)

The children engaged in constructing some knowledge in good basic math skills.  We used my Unifix blocks a lot this week - I have used these blocks for math activities for children preschool through second grade, there are many things we can do with them.  Below, the children were able to copy a pattern . . .

Colin's first impetus was to put the blocks into towers of one color and then order them from shortest to tallest.

Noe and Colin were able to graduate from two color to three color patterns.

The children were anxious to color in the patterns that they created on their own . . .

The younger class enjoyed making a train with the blocks as long as they could!

Sinh also enjoyed comparing the lengths of the towers the children made - he was proud to have the longest.

The MWF class had a turn at making their own dragon.

The T/Th group enjoyed building their train track on the table.

And then went around and around and around the track!

We have had A LOT of superhero play lately!

On a "dragon-hunting"walk,  Jackson found a "dragon's eye"!

And we all searched for dragon eyes and dragon treasure in the rice this week.

When you find treasure, you get to sort it and count it!

The MWF group found a note that instructed them to find dragon dust outside (some of this imaginative play is coming from a book we look at about dragons.)

Noe found a little bag of it.

So we searched for other clues of the dragons on our walk.  "I think I see footprints!" said Colin.

Time to make tortillas in preparation for our taco party next week!

I brought in my pasta machine to help make the tortillas skinnier . . .

We had a little "tortilla kitchen" going on!

We take a ball of dough first and press it down hard with our hands.

Then roll it out to put into the machine.

The children helped to flip their tortillas in the pan.


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