Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting to know each other
Getting to know the routines . . .

The children work together to try to figure out how to put the blocks away...

 The children are learning a pride for their environment as they take part in caring for our materials.  Below, Colin helps to fill up our salt supply!

We help to wipe off the white board at the end of the day...

Bridget volunteered to sweep up her mess!  And Noe demonstrates good hand-washing technique.

We engaged in more Humpty Dumpty activities. Below the children make a face for him.

Colin uses a two-handed technique to paint Humpty.

Noe and Summer check Humpty out at the "doctor".

We also re-enacted Humpty's fate, by building block walls and seeing if he could balance.

All the king's horses took Humpty to the doctor.

An  impromptu picnic became a haven for Humpty to get some TLC with Joy.

We also enjoyed the basic activities of the day.  Joy really enjoyed painting on Wednesday.

Noe mentioned "Super Pets" and their capes, so we ended up putting capes on everyone!

Outside we painted the wall with water.

And Summer initiated turning our water-paint into muddy soup!

Thursday we  made houses in the rocks with found sticks.

When working with the dot markers, Colin put them in a neat line and counted them all! 

We made a picture with them together, taking turns with different colors.  We also practiced screwing the lids back on.

Colin and Bridget had fun together outside this week.

Summer likes to take ALL the puzzles apart and them put them all back together at once.   She is very good at this!

We also started a little beading - good eye-hand practice!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Milestones Preschoolers 2012-13!

After successful transitions from parents, making play dough was our first order of preschool business that we engaged in together . . . 

We each get a turn pouring in ingredients.

Colin added the water . . .

There is just something about play dough - its squishy and colorful and can take the form of whatever we want; pizza, a birthday cake, our hand print!  And it's the best when we make it ourselves.

Not only lots of sensory fun, the play dough AND the tools we use with it work our hand muscles to develop for future fine motor tasks!

Then when we have had enough for the day, we clean up.

Snack time!

A little book perusing . . .

Outside time!

 Our coordinated kiddos are already tackling the teeter totter!

And the swings and the rings and the bike!

We planted some Mums to beautify the entrance to the preschool - everyone helped!

We end our day with a story and a talk about the things we did.  One day we read, Where's the Green Sheep, by Mem Fox.  And then we played a game, looking for the Green Sheep around our room.

There he is!

We had some wonderful block building happen Wednesday where the kids worked together, conversing animately and working out how to build (or knock down) their tower.

We also read and re-enacted the familiar nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty . . .

A wonderful first week!