Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day . . . 

We engaged in many pink, red and (sugary) activities this week.  Below, Hazel and Colin work hard on making cards at the writing table.


Nice watercoloring, Colin!

I used colorful candies to entice some sorting and counting - we each got ONE chocolate to eat afterwards.  First we sorted the colors, then counted how many of each color we had.

Colin wrote the numbers too.  He and I discussed how a number like 14 has a ten in it and that is why you put a 1 in that number...

I worked with Hazel on "estimating" which of the colors had the most or least amount of hearts.  This ability is theoretically part of Piaget's theory of cognitive development:  to logically determine that a certain quantity will remain the same despite adjustment of the container, shape, or apparent size.
Conservation Tasks test a child’s ability to see that some properties are conserved or invariant after an object undergoes physical transformation, such as a row of coins being stretched out, or a spherical lump of clay being rolled into a tube. Conservation itself is defined as: the ability to keep in mind what stays the same and what changes in an object after it has changed aesthetically. One who can conserve is able to reverse the transformation mentally and understand compensation.

Additionally, we worked hard on sequencing the order of the characters in the story, The House That Jack Built and what each character does.  This involves memory recall and an understanding of how the characters interact . . .

The T/Th group enjoyed some hammering...

We decorated our Valentine boxes.  Below, Jackson put his own faces on the stickers!

We decorated the room, too!

The kids had fun making roads together for the cars.

And, boy, they work nicely together when we erase the white board.

The MWF group has enjoyed lots of playacting at the beginning of the day lately.  Below they are driving in the "car."

We experimented painting with some fruits and vegetables and string!

The end of a head of lettuce made for "berry-looking" prints.

It was Noe's idea to try an apple.

Colin decorated himself!

Ahhh, a lovely red snack!

We took a picture for Jack to say "Hi in Arizona and thank you for the valentines!"

We had fun passing our Valentines out to each other...

Outside there were fun puddles left over from the snow that we could dig in.

The T/Th group had fun painting a big heart with a little glitter...

Later we folded the big piece of paper up to make a symmetrical print.

Thursday EVERYONE wanted to play trains . . .

Some of the trains held hearts as cargo.

We engaged in some beading.

Wow Molly!  You've gotten excellent at beading!

Sinh admired his own beadwork in the mirror.

The T/Th lovely red snack.

Sinh is our toast-expert.

And brought the red jam to go with it too!

Oh yum.

On Friday we had the big paper out to draw on.  In addition to everyone's smiley faces, Colin drew a tall tall ladder to the sun!

Sinh enjoyed making pens for the small plastic animals with Violet.

And, we made some new playdough!

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