Friday, August 30, 2013


First days . . .
The first days of preschool are filled with transition and discovery.  The children are re-adjusting to the environment and discovering each other!

Below, Jackson finds that he can "swing himself" on his tummy.

Molly modeled for Sinh how to get on the swing and then sweetly gave him pushes.  Later I overheard them talking about their home sand boxes.  Molly likes to make sand castles in hers and Sinh has "diggers" in his sand box!

We inaugurated "Mud Kitchen" with a nice shelf from Noe's family and some repurposed cookware.  We plan on making lots of "mud pies" and "leaf soup" here!

Colin and Jack shared a moment painting together at the easel.

Our M/W glass helped to spruce up the playground by helping to plant and water some flowers for the outside entrance.

As planned, the M/W class also began work on an outdoor mural.  Below they are sanding the sides of the piece of wood...

We replenished our play dough-making supplies.

Sifting flour for out play dough.

Snack time is a good time to have conversation!

Colin and Jack got around to sharing the trains nicely!

Nice picture, Hazel!

Already our M/W group is doing things together - below, Colin initiated his daily "picnic."

Colin helped to get water for Mud Kitchen and watering our flowers.

Sinh was extremely focused on play dough!

I was impressed with his ability to make meticulous snakes!

Molly is an excellent doctor!

and she enjoyed some painting, as well!

Lucas and Jackson got together in the kitchen.

We practice washing hands procedure...

Drawing together!

We learn to stay with the grown up and hold the railing as we navigate the stairs...


Wednesday we began decorating our chain-link fence.

"Leaf soup!"

Painting a base color together for our mural.  We are learning that sometimes we make a picture together and sometimes on our own!

As the children play with the play dough together, they naturally interact with make-believe play.  Below, Jack is having his pig talk to Noe's zebra!

Jackson helped to fill the water table.

A wonderful start to the school year!