Monday, February 24, 2014

What could be more fun than combining dragons and tacos?  The cute story below has been the impetus for many projects and imaginative play.  FYI, dragons DO NOT like salsa that is spicy.

We did a taste test of different kinds of tortillas and chips and sampled some pre-made organic salsa with it.

Hmmm, not bad.  Maybe these dragons are on to something!

We kept track of what kind of tortilla everyone liked.

Thanks for helping clean up, Molly!

Our next step was to make our own salsa!

Carefully cut tomatoes . . .

put them in the blender . . .

add some salt, sugar, garlic...

More taste-testing...amazing how some of the kiddos said, "I don't eat salsa" but they did!

All gone!

Good cooks!

The T/Th group decorated a big dragon together . . .

Fire comes out of their mouth if the salsa is too spicy, thanks for drawing that in, Lucas.

We decided to make our own dragons to take home too.

Blue paint and yellow paint make green.

We added feathers because most dragons have wings.

What a cute dragon, Lucas!

A whole herd of them!

Violet you look so pretty!

So much wind - we decided to make parachutes for our plastic animals out of plastic grocery bags.

Colin decorated the writing table area utilizing our fun tape!

More taco-making and dragon-hunting next week!

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