Sunday, March 9, 2014


Our culminating week of "taco study" included making paper tacos below . . .

and menus for our parents for the Taco Bar.

And we also painted tacos and learned the letters in T-A-C-O.

Tuesday, Laetitia, Lucas' mom brought in a traditional Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday treat, beinets! Yum and thank you!

The warm sun was very welcome this week!

Noe wrote  A LOT of letters!

It was so much fun preparing for our Taco Bar!  Below, Hazel and Colin cook the meat.

We set the table for you!

And, like any good cooks, we sampled the food!

It was Colin's idea to re-read Dragons Love Tacos.  He took the picture also . . .

We had the taco bar all set up for you when you arrived!  Thanks for making a sign, Noe!

And Jack poured water.

A Taco Party!!

The T/Th gang enjoyed re-sampling the salsa.  Thank you parents for bringing in taco toppings.

We prepared for your arrival. . .

And, of course, danced a little. . .

And helped served you tacos . . .

A busy week!

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