Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sound Suits and Super Heroes

The MWF class has been working hard on their own version of "Sound Suits" after visiting the Nick Cave exhibit at the art museum.  The children have been bringing in materials to make our suits.  Below, everyone started out by painting a t-shirt . . . 

We thought adding some beads might make a nice sound and add some color.  Good job, Jack!

It was Colin's idea for us to "perform" in our suits, the rhyme, "Hey Diddle, Diddle."  He made an illustration for us.

Colin also sported lots of green for St. Patrick's Day! and we found gold outside.

The T/Th group began an experiment of tracking how water travels through plants by putting stalks of celery in colored water.

And they have just plain been enjoying playing TOGETHER- whether it be playing super heroes or making roads for the cars in the blocks - wonderful interaction, communication, imagination and conversation.

You can use a purse to hold your cars . . .

"Here's some soap, Sinh."

"I like this truck."

So busy outside too!

Our T/Th group exhibited great rhythm and ability to keep a beat when it was their turn to play on the drums!

On a windy day we chased battery operated cars down the hallway.

MWF group continued their Sound Suit and Hey Diddle Diddle preparation by painting some fun moons that Hazel brought in.  So pretty!  And thank you, Hazel!

We are experimenting with ironing plastic bags together as another source to paint and add to our suits.

Paper bags cut up can provide a unique bottom part to our suits.  Nice cutting, Colin.

And, we must pause to play, "picnic."

And Colin gave us a tutorial about the planets.

The T/Th group decided to create their own beanstalk.

Molly has discovered how to color with more than one marker!

A busy week full of projects, playacting and friendship!

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