Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soap and Crayons 
and Fine Motor Skills . . .

We sorted a beautiful array of crayons (box of 48).  This took keen observational skills and descriptive language, as we found that different shades were a bit harder to describe and categorize.  For instance, Navy Blue is dark enough to look a bit black!

A good example, below, of how different greens can be!

After painstakingly removing the labels from some of our favorite colors, we each put a few crayons together to melt into new crayon "rocks."

These created fun new colors  . . .

AND, they were a whole new experience to draw with (also requiring us to use a different grip, which also continues to work those hand muscles).

"Painting" with water outside . . . 

Adding pictures to our scrap book is becoming a nice ritual and helps the children to validate what they did the week before, helps with memory recall and honors their school experiences.

SO, Miss Jill is on a mission to find a soap that would be easier for, especially our younger preschoolers, to handle and use - I purchased these to try . . .

Sinh found the soap covered in a grippy material a bit easier to use . . .

On this subject of "soap", I decided we should have some fun with it too!  (Although I know the children cannot read yet, I am exposing them to the use of print by putting signs on the tables at the beginning of our day.  This also serves as a "provocation" or invitation, by making the set up of the tables visually appealing - very Reggio.)

Fostering their independence, I invited the children to help with filling the tubs from the tap.

Boy, Lucas really had a blast washing the horse!

Later in the week, the T/Th group had a chance to melt stuff, as we made our own, preschool-hand-size soap!  

Molly really enjoyed making pictures this week - I like how she used many colors and enjoyed sharing her products with her friends.

Clean up time!  A group effort!

We also measured the T/Th heights . . .

AND, remembered where to wait when we head outside - first at the clock (as Sinh is pointing out)

Then by the red sign.

This time Sinh pushed Molly on the swing!

Lucas has enjoyed playing "peek-a-boo" with me from the top of the slide . . .

"Hi, Dave!"

Painting is not only fun, it helps to develop the pincer grasp!

. . . and encourages socialization . . .

The T/Th gang discovered the Hot Wheels Race Track.

And we all sat down together to draw some pictures - we are working on making circles . . .

You need some gas, Lucas!

Oh my, we're having fun on that teeter totter!

Building together . . . 

Now where is Noe..?

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