Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Field Trip,
A Science Experiment

Noe returned from her trip and drew a detailed picture of the swimming pool and the dolphins she visited.  She shared a yummy can of macadamia nuts from Hawaii!

On Monday we looked at pictures of the things we would see on our field trip and then made a map with them.

Meanwhile, the T/Th group enjoyed a science experiment where they took spoonfuls of substances (salt, flour, cornstarch, paint) to create a mixture.  They observed how their mixture changed after each spoonfull.

After the M/W group arrived at Tattered Cover on Wednesday, we found our way to the children's section.

The children enjoyed perusing lots of books - we probably read ten together.

Noe's favorite was a book about dogs.

Colin found a lego-themed book.

Jack really liked this book about airplanes.

Hazel found a favorite character of hers, Fancy Nancy.

When we left the book store, as we walked down the sidewalk, we found some of the things on our map, such as these ornate lamp posts.

Jack enjoyed smelling the flowers along the way.

The children were awesome about staying together as a group and carrying their own belongings!

What's a food truck..?  It smells good!

We found the anchors to the suspension bridge.

Before you go up the bridge, there is a neat place to look through the fence to watch the trains.

There were cool views from the top of the bridge.

Down all those steps!

Colin found the red sculpture!

They said it was ok to touch. . .

And we found the other sculpture too.

Afer lunch we had so much fun running and rolling down the hills at the park!

The T/Th group also made new playdough - it takes some good arm strength to dig into the bin of flour!

LOVE that teeter totter!

The T/Th group is doing a fantastic job at learning the routines of school and, thus, being able to enjoy playing together!  Good job!

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