Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learning to play together . . .

Below the boys play house together.

We mixed up some new play dough . . .

Taking turns stirring - we count to 5 as we stir.

We began some eye-hand coordination activities - beading is great for this and the children took to it quickly - good job!!

Molly went from frustratingly dropping her beads on the ground to making a very long beaded necklace that she is admiring on herself in the mirror below.  At 2.5 years old, this group shows an amazing amount of focus and determination!

Colin added some pictures to our scrapbook enthusiastically.  Our scrapbooks will serve as a way for us to take ownership and pride in our activity this year, as well as a way to reflect and add validity and meaning to our endeavors as they progress.

The M/W group (just had one day this week due to Labor Day) made a plan for our outdoor mural and began painting it.

Noe and Hazel work on the mountains . . .

Suddenly they all wanted to sit on the brown chair!

Hazel has been drawing "hop-scotch" for us outside . . .

More togetherness play acting outside.

The water table offers great sensory activity.

Molly and Jackson played nicely with the babies.

We had fun running down the ramp!

. . . and learning to wipe off the white board together - helping!

The T/Th group did a gluing project together - squeezing the glue out is actually a great hand strengthening activity and knowing to put things on the glue is a learning process . . .again, they had great focus here.

Another great week progressing towards becoming a cohesive group!  Yay!

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