Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mini Garden and Tiny Pies!

We did a wide variety of activities this week with further emphasis on Spring.  Above, the boys use their fine finger muscles to open shelled peanuts.  And below Owen and Zoe concentrate on making patterns!

Zoe and Owen had some quality time while Elliott was on a trip.  Below, Owen behaved like a true gentleman, holding the door open for Zoe and pulling her in the wagon!

We gathered items for our "Secret Gardens" below . . .

Owen counted how many puff balls fit into the paper towel roll (13!).

We used those puff balls and our abilities to blow out of straws to play straw soccer!


And Jill just felt like making tiny pies! 

Below, Zoe and Owen roll out homemade pie crust.

It was fun to watch the pies bake.

A few sprinkles make them fun!

We had lots of fun and focussed time playing with flour together! (great sensory experience)

We spent some time paying attention to some leaves that we collected and how they are different and similar.

We talked about that trees are covered with bark to protect them and we check out the rings that represent the years the tree has been alive.

The children are exhibiting their growing maturity as they learn to take turns sharing news in the "teacher chair" and and listen to each other in the group setting!  Wonderful accomplishment!

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