Monday, April 2, 2012

. . . Birds Nests

The children have worked very hard on their beautiful bird branch!

The children continued to work on the branch, adding some bead work to decorate it!  They sure have improved on their abilities to put lots of beads on the string using their stronger fine muscles.

Oh how we love to teeter-totter!

One day we decided to make robin's eggs out of playdough . . .

SO BIG!  Zoe turned the big 3!!  Happy Birthday, Zoe! 

Jack was available to read a story (they always pay good attention to him). 

The weather was nice enough for us to go on a "signs of spring" investigation!

And someone ELSE turned three!!  Happy Birthday, Jane!

We looked at pictures of what bird's nests are made of . . .

and then made our own!

We had fun mixing colors to make just the right Robin's Egg blue:


and then painting rocks to look like the eggs for our nest.


Lilya is adding a lot to her representaional drawing!  Hair, teeth, eyeballs...Good Job!

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