Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ladybugs, Tulips and Butterflies!

This week we did many springy activities, including, below, painting ladybugs and making paper ones with numerous spots.  We looked in Jill's bug book and found that there are many varieties of ladybugs - some with no spots, some with just two spots and some with LOTS of spots.

The weather allowed us to explore the changes going on outdoors.  Below, Zoe found a dandelion with seeds to blow.

The petals on the blossoms of this tree were blowing down on us like pink snow!

We looked for flowers and found many colors of tulips!

Zoe found a stick that looked like a "T"!

We worked hard to get all the rocks out of our pots so we could plant seeds in them.

...and Zoe is working on pedaling on the trike!

Karsten and Kaden are learning how to throw and catch to each other.

We planted some seeds in our outdoor pots. . .

and worked to keep them watered.


Later in the week we decided to use our "robin's eggs" as dinosaur eggs . . .

We had fun using watercolors on paper towels and coffee filters to begin making our butterflies.

Look at the pretty colors we created!

We read another traditional story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and, of course, had fun playacting it together - below, Elliott plays the Troll living under the bridge.

We made a new batch of play dough.  Lilya helped refill our flour container.  Elliott and I made "cinnamon rolls".

 With the playdough, Zoe made birthday cakes for all the babies.  Elliott gave them one of his cinnamon rolls.

Upon my suggestion, Lilya made lots of balls with the play dough to make a caterpillar.

Owen began a great building . . .

and the rest of the kids enjoyed adding onto it!

Many children are working on writing their name!

 Kaden lined up a lot of our toys.

Jane had us all come on a ride in her car to visit her friends.  She asked me to drive since I was the "grown-up".

And our finished, beautiful butterflies!

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