Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Learning to Give. . .


These last two weeks the children have increasingly become aware of what goes on during this holiday season.  They sweetly contemplate what they want as a gift; as simple as a cup of hot cocoa!  We took time to make, wrap and talk about our humble gifts for our parents.  When it came time to hand you their little package, I could tell that it was fun for them to anticipate you opening them.

Kaden wrapping his gift...

Other diversions this week included the provocation of two hard-to-open containers with "something" in them.  Kaden and Karsten had a wonderful conversation about what they thought might be in them, "Candy!", "Toys!"  Then asked me to open them.  I replied, "Ask each other for help."  They did, and tried and tried, and finally got them open.

Inside was merely some colorful golf tees.  The girls took over and enjoyed lining them up and counting them.

Friday Jeff came to sing songs with us.  The guitar was an exciting thing and the children enjoyed dancing.

Our cooking project this week was making our own pretzels.  We talked about the yeast we used to mix up the dough and how it helped to make the pretzels rise.

It was hard to remember that the dough wasn't playdough!

When we put the pretzels in the oven the kids remembered what happened with the Gingerbread Man and commented "I hope the pretzels don't run away!"

They didn't, and they were yummy and warm!

On our way to the playground, we sometimes like to run up and down the ramp.

Jane took her blue kitty for a ride...

Happy Smiles!  Happy Holidays!


We hadn't played with the shaving cream in awhile and Zoe posed with a fantastic, contemplative face over it!

Predictably, our T/TH boys also got very curious about the hard-to-open jars and enjoyed guessing what might be in them.  They also liked jingling them to hear the sound the contents made.

Owen and Elliott worked really hard together to open them!

Ah, finally!  What's in there?

Camille has been including her baby more and more in her play lately.  Here she feeds her.

Zoe followed suit and helped her Care Bear to draw.

Here, Camille helps to dissolve the yeast for our homemade pretzels!

Kneading the dough...

The pretzels didn't run away like the Gingerbread Man!

Yummy and warm...

Our friend Carole Sue came to read a winter story.

And she made us all look like Rudolph with her red lipstick!

She brought a great mirror that turned to magnify our faces!

Baby gets one too!

She also had us show her we knew how to make snow angels.

Owen really liked the mirror...

We worked hard this week on making gifts for our moms and dads.

and wrapping them!

It was fun to give them to you!  

Happy Holidays!
See you soon!

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