Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowmen and Circles


Although we didn't get any until the end of the week, much of our curriculum this week centered around snow.  I used snowmen to facilitate a few projects.  We identified the small, medium and large circles traditionally used to create a snowman.

We all sat at the table to pick our circles and then went about gluing them onto the paper and adding our own interpretations of faces, buttons and arms...

We, again practiced our face-drawing skills by filling in pre-drawn snow people.

Another activity I put out to encourage that all-important development of the pencil grip, was taking child chopsticks and picking up puff balls and feathers with them.  This proved a bit challenging, but fun too.

We had a lot of fun and teamwork outside as Gunnar decided we should fill the empty white bucket.  This became the "job" of the morning outdoors. Coincidentally, the T/TH group, when they saw the full bucket, decided it MUST be emptied!  Thus compelling their "job" that day...

They worked hard and got the whole thing full!

Karsten enjoyed balancing on the perimeter of the playground.

We are getting very good at going down the stairs so carefully!

Kaden and Karsten are talking on the phone together - good exercise of verbal language!

Another snowy activity we did was cooking up our own "snow".  We took heavy whipping cream, some sugar and coconut and whipped it til it was fluffy!

Despite a long week away, the children were excited to be back to school and continued to play with a wonderful sense of community (and silliness - see below).


Our T/Th group took a turn with the kid-chopsticks and enjoyed the challenge of picking up the puff balls and feathers - this took a lot of concentration.

I have been putting the children's names many places to encourage them to identify their own...

Zoe added a great face to her snowman!

One day the kids all of the sudden discovered the "smelly markers"...

Soon it was quite evident...

I told Zoe she looked like Rudolf!

This group did great at picking out a small, medium and large circle to create a snowman.  The gluing is still a bit tricky...

On snowy Thursday I was so proud of the kids for helping themselves to put on their gear so well!

We enjoyed our messy snack of "snow" - whipped heavy cream with sugar and coconut...

This time we had hot chocolate with a BIG marshmallow!

A great week!

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