Friday, May 16, 2014

Snow, Graduation Prep and, Best of . . .
In addition to prepping for their graduation party next week, the children, in true early childhood fashion, exhibited the "best of" what they have gained in preschool this year as they very naturally played this week.  Below, Colin shows his number recognition skills by ordering the numbers.

Noe, with her love of animals and wonderful imagination, created, not a zoo, but an "animal shelter!"

We decided to paint ourselves a red carpet for our graduation party!


And, of course, it snowed again - the children always make the best of whatever the weather deals out!

We did a lot of sharing in the sharing chair, the children able to show that they can listen to each other, take turns speaking and ask relevant questions . . .

Colin and Jack created a "hot track" and Lucas enjoyed playing with it the next day.

The T/Th group created a tippy-toppy building together.

What is this big long stick for, Miss Jill ?

Well, we began decorating it and, hopefully, it will become a wonderful permanent fixture in the room.

Lucas, you are cutting so well!

Molly and Jackson had a great time playing house!  The kids play SO we well together!

  We squeezed into the wagon and took a ride on a nice day.

Hi Jill.

After awhile, the kids wanted to then pull the wagon on their own . . .

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