Saturday, May 10, 2014

I hope all you moms have a lovely day on Sunday and are reminded of how special and important you are in your families' lives.  I APPRECIATE your partnership with your child's development and your commaraderie as fellow moms.

The children brainstormed the things Mommy does for them . . .

Hazel!  You are counting accurately, recognizing numbers and using counters to represent symbolic numbers - we are very proud of you!!

Molly invited Violet to be her "nurse" as they played doctor . . . 

We solved our lemon-squeezing problem! ( Jill bought an electric juicer.)  The kids still were able to do the work, and they did!

We made our own simple syrup to sweeten the lemonade.

An important milestone for Violet - HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!

She shared some turquoise cupcakes!

The T/Th group planted some flowers at the front entrance and also a tomato plant.  We enjoyed playing with some garden tools.

And got to splash in some puddles!

We gave our moms their Mother's Day pictures and shared our lemonade.

The MWF group has been loving constructing in the blocks together - here they made a ramp for the cars . . .

and a little playdough time and solo book time . . .

FYI, Jill took many pictures on her new phone but has not figured out how to get them on the blog yet.

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