Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanks for coming to the open house!

The full spectrum represented below, Sinh from this year's class, Jane from 2011-12 and 2012-13 and, welcome Noelle enrolled for Fall 2014!

Hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream was flowing . . . 

Milestones Mommies (hmm, I like the sound of that!) Jenn, classes of 2011-12, 2012-13 and Carolyn, classes of 2012-13, 2013-14, catching up!

Hi Hazel!  Hi Noe!

Summer!  Class of 2012-13, thank you for bringing those yummy cookies!

All sorts of adult and child mingling - good stuff!

Camille, from our inaugural class.  It's so GOOD to stay in touch!

Folks thanks for all the delicious food contributions!

Story time - how fun for me to read to ALL of you together - a lovely gift...

Santa came early to Milestones - and by the way - we only celebrate Christmas if ALL families in the class celebrate it.  Otherwise, we combine all cultures and religious holidays and expressions or work as a community to decide whether to do holidays at all.  This year, we indulged in everything stereotypically XMAS!  Santa brought a new shopping cart and much-needed measuring spoons for all of our cooking and play dough-making.

Hi Molly and Kathy!

Holt I am so glad you came! even tho' you don't like it when I take your picture...Holt came on open Fridays last year and participated in Sports Camp.


Hmm, if nobody's watching, how many cookies can I eat?

In class this week we read some more seasonal stories like The Tomten, about an elf-like creature who visits a farm at night, mysteriously leaving his tiny footprints all over the snow, and feeds the animals.

I like to bring my ceramic Tomten when I read this story . . .

And, after several weeks of "studying" the story, we decorated our very own Gingerbread Man.

And, he INDEED disappeared after outside time!!!

There he is!  Jackson found him on the shelf!

Hmm, not bad . . .


Lucas really likes our new shopping cart . . . 

We wrapped our gifts for Mom and Dad.

We pinned the nose on Rudolf.

We made marshmallow snow people.

Such a lovely red and green feast we had!  Thank you parents!

And we made popcorn, because it's fun.

So, try to throw the ball through Santa's hat . . .

We read the rhyme, "3 Little Kittens."

Then we decorated paper mittens, good gluing experience.

T/Th's red and green feast . . .Thank you for the pretty flowers, Molly and Kathy1

We also made toast for our feast - as requested by Mr. Sinh, who really LOVES toast!


Thank you for sharing cupcakes with us in honor of your big day!


We looked for the stuffed Santa - there he is!  up by Jill's coat!

And our younger preschools got to apply Rudolf's nose without blindfolds - good job!

Molly, thank you for posing with your candy cane.

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