Friday, December 6, 2013

Mashed Potatoes and Gingerbread
Before Thanksgiving we smashed potatoes for mashed potatoes with our homemade butter.
Below, see the various ways we smashed the potatoes.

We added pinches of salt to eat them and had some tea too!

We had some fun dumping and pouring some cranberries.  Later we found out that the cranberries float in water!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Molly!

Sometimes we practice making smiley faces on the white board.

This week we began some holiday decorating.

We made red play dough and played with the cookie cutters.

We got outside to check out the leafless trees before the cold set in this week . . .

We began exploring the story of The Gingerbread Man.

We filled in his face . . .

We found him all over the room!

And had hot chocolate with him . . .

We worked together to decorate a paper version, we will make a real one next week and see if he runs away.

Too cold to go out so we brought the snow IN.  Below, we water colored it!

We began writing letters to Santa.

Colin built a house with a cozy chimney.

We found some ways to get some exercise indoors - below, "bowling" and a chase game.

We talked about how to build a snow man and made a big paper one . . .

And then drew our own...

A chilly but BUSY week!

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