Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughfulness and a bit of Service

This week the M/W group read an old Russian tale about a turnip (we called it a potato) that was so huge it took the whole family to pull it up!

We had fun re-enacting it.

We made some nice-smelling play dough.


In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, we made "Thoughtful Cards," each child picks one per day to perform a nice deed to a friend . . .

Also, with the idea of service in mind, we looked at a few of the endangered species in Colorado.  We talked about the characteristics of these animals and will choose one to help.

The T/Th group, having worked SO hard on assimilating the routines of school, are enjoying playing nicely together all day!

Sinh took great care of our babies.

And then joined Jackson for "lunch."

We are so good at helping and taking care of the room!

Everyone got their coat on (almost entirely) by themselves!!

Noe worked hard on our alphabet puzzle - good job!

We made bird-feeders later in the week with peanut butter and pine cones we had found.

We enjoyed looking through Jill's bird book and identifying some familiar birds.

Noe decided that we should build our bridge again...

It was fun to use our new tape dispenser.

The T/Th group brought their bears to school Thursday.  We did EVERYTHING with them . . .

At meeting time, we talked about our bears and told each other their names.

We also dressed them up like the children do in a book we have read.

We had a lot of fun popping pop corn together!

Molly helped to pass out napkins.

Somebody really liked the popcorn!

Later we also made birdfeeders.

Had to tolerate sticky fingers for a bit . . .

Fun in the crunchy leaves.

and, Molly, I love how you keep the marker caps in a little line when you color.

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