Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seasonal Fun
The M/W group started the day off by placing items from our hike the week before in our Memory Box.

We re-read our early reader about animal homes . . .

The T/Th group was inspired by one of my pirate books and enjoyed playing Pirate most of the day Tuesday.

Sinh enjoyed hiding the treasure.

We used tp rolls as binoculars.

Molly checked out her pirate look in the mirror!

A box became a pirate ship!

We counted and sorted our gold and silver.

Later, Molly showed off some block building and color-sorting skills.

Colin drew ALL 5 little pumpkins!


We had a little parade . . .

painted with shaving cream . . .

We read, "Where the Wild Things Are" by candlelight...

M/W drew their own Wild Things . . . 

and hung them up!

Colin let me make him into a "Mummy" with toilet paper . . .

then he made Hazel into one.

M/W made and decorated Mexican Sugar Skulls.

And what a lovely FEAST we had of orange and green foods . . .

The roasted kale DISAPPEARED!

After that healthy snack we decorated cookies.

And played outside.  Thank you for putting out the "fire," Jack!

We fit in a game of Candyland just before home-time.

No party is complete without some dancing!

The adorable T/Th costumes.

And their parade, thanks for participating, parents!

Part of their party entailed painting pumpkins.


And their lovely snack!

We mixed up some colorful frosting and decorated our cookies!

Happy Halloween Preschoolers!

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