Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who doesn't love noodles?
Our curriculum lately has been fueled by cooking projects.  This week we tried packaged spaghetti compared to noodles we made by hand!  Below Anders exhibits his technique for consuming noodles.

Flour is an essential part of noodle-making.   Nabil shows us how his dad taught him to clear off the top of the cup of flour with the spoon for accurate measuring!

We made a little burrow in the flour for the egg...

After taking turns mixing by hand, we employed Jill's food processor.

It was loud, but made a good dough for us!

We roll it out.

Then help each other crank the pasta machine.

Boom!  Pasta!

We also had fun crushing spices with a mortar and pestle, even though we didn't use the spices...

We also "practiced" making spaghetti with our play dough.

I placed some numbers out and the children put counters down for each number.

I just had up to 10.  Noe asked for 11 and 12.  Good practice recognizing the numbers, ordering them and placing an actual number of objects with each number.

We enjoyed water coloring this week too.

The T/Th group spent a lot of time building a house in the blocks.

They got cozy and read books together in their house later.

Colin concentrates on beading...

And Jane and Colin decided they wanted to re-enact Humpty Dumpty again.

A very busy week!

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