Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where do the animals go in the winter?
We began this week by reading the book, below, Stranger in the Woods.  This prompted a discussion about what the animals do when it is cold and snowy.  We learned the word Hibernation and Habitat (and also practiced writing "H"'s since both of these words begin with "H"!).

We created many, many habitats this week for our classroom animals using a wide variety of materials.

A tissue makes a nice blanket for a bunny and we made "caves" for our plastic bears out of salt dough...

Noe and Summer really focused with the glue, scissors, cardboard and paper to make habitats!

A cozy bear...

We also created homes for our animals in the sand in our big, black bin.  Summer couldn't help getting in the bin!  We also went on a walk and looked and listened for signs of animals - we did not detect a lot - this will be interesting to compare when it gets warmer out.

And then it REALLY snowed!  Yay!!!

Jill went to her favorite bookstore, The Bookies, and got us some new readers.  Below, this reader fit in with our animal habitat study and the repetition makes it a great introduction to reading a book on their own!

I also purchased some new sand timers that are exactly a minute - we will do some fun math activities with these.  Friday, Bridget brought a baby for each child.  Nabil eventually really enjoyed playing daddy.

A very busy, productive week with so many types of learning!  Good job, kids!

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