Sunday, December 16, 2012

Real Snow and Making Gifts for Loved Ones

We finally got a bit of snow.  It was SO happily anticipated that the girls, below, avidly donned their gear to play in our 1/4 inch or so on the playground.

That little bit was all we got this week, so we did continue to make our own pretend snow...


On Friday, the "snow-making" evolved into "gunk-making" - just add water!

Below, we decided to work on our cutting skills some more - These girls are really getting the hang of it!  Summer has the scraps to show for it!

We worked on making some gifts for our families...

Noe wraps hers with custom-made paper...

Left, Jane worked for a long time making our stuffed animals a home with the blocks and right, Nabil shows us his favorite book.

The kids are loving playing house!  Below they cuddle together in front of our make-shift fireplace.

We endeavored to make our own "Gingerbread Houses" too.

This took a bit of architectural prowess.  We decided the triangular design was more sturdy than the traditional square design.

We got some new crayons to encourage our pencil grip!

At the end of the days this week we went around and labeled things in the room - the kids LOVED this - as a matter of fact it's a great and easy activity to do at home!

Noe really likes the custom labels with her name and picture!

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