Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Our last week before the holiday break was full of fun and celebratory activities.

We found marshmallow snowmen around the room...

We pinned the star on the tree...

We decorated some pretty cookies...

and ate them...

The sprinkles were extremely popular.

Our holiday gathering with the families was lovely.  Thank you for being there!  (I transferred the pics from Amy's email, sorry they came out smallish) great shots!

We made "edible snow" by whipping our own heavy cream.

We continued to snuggle by the "fire".

We had a very special treat when Andy, Joy's dad came in and sang some songs with us on his guitar!

He also shared some instruments...Thank you Andy!

Summer's mom brought us some new white board markers, thank you, Margaret!

And we made snow people out of lots of cut out circles...

At this, sort of halfway point of the school year, you should all be so proud of the wonderful progress your children are making in all realms of development.  Congratulations!

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