Monday, May 21, 2012

We learned about "condiments" this week when we had a Toast Bar!  The children were true gourmands as they chose or combined the choices of spreads for their toast in the middle of the week.

It was fun to push down the button on the toaster and watch the wires inside get red, letting us know the bread was toasting - it smelled yummy!  

Some of us chose just one spread . . .

and then saw their friends using all three, that's when we starting saying "pass the jam, please!"

Lilya made sort of an open-faced pbj!

She thoroughly enjoyed it!

And Zoe preferred hers plain!

We did some water coloring with our new friend Maura in T/Th.  Welcome Maura!

It's not watercoloring until you make a big wet hole in the paper!

We also experimented with bubble painting.  Making our lips into a blowing face and blowing out, (rather than in) helps the children develop various sounds as their speech matures.

This activity turned  very tactile for Lilya and Jane as they made the bubbles all sudsy!

We read an easy reader this week called, Under the Sky.  We took turns "reading" (mostly memorization, but good start!) to each other.

We had a little lesson on how to draw flowers to keep up our burgeoning drawing skills.

We sorted our "gingerbread" people...

Kaden and Karsten preferred to stack the "gingerbread" people.

We enjoyed the new stroller that friends gave Jill.

This led to taking better care of the babies.  Below, we give one a bath . . .

This then led to getting the doctor kit out and helping all the sick babies.

Let me introduce doctors Maura, Elliott and Zoe!

We had lots of help filling up the big bucket to take outside for water play.

And, the T/Th group enjoyed going on a bear hunt!  Elliott was so excited he had to get in line first!

I think I see one over there!  He's a friendly bear.

Outside we had a lot of pouring, spilling and funneling.

Zoe made a great rock and stick sculpture.

We are all doing really great at putting on our own shoes!

But still might need a little help with our shirts (we all had to change after getting wet in the water outside).

We also played with pink, soap dough - its very stretchy!

The year has gone so fast!

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