Monday, May 7, 2012

Arrrrh!  Ahoy thar, matey!

After getting inspiration from the book, How I Became a Pirate (below) last week, we embarked on some nautical activities, as well as some treasure troving.

We followed a map that led us to a big "X" under the slide!  We dug under it and found our treasure!

Later we perused Jill's large collection of maps and drew our own.  It is good to practice drawing x's - good for crossing the midline!

We took turns playing in our boat made from our big box - we also began learning boat parts like port, stern, starboard...We enjoyed re-hiding our treasure for each other.

After looking through another book about pirates we decided to make our own gold doubloons from salt dough.  We cut them out using all different sizes of round lids.  We noticed from the pictures in the book that doubloons were all different sizes.

When they dried we worked hard to paint them...

A math activity we tried this week was rolling dice and identifying the face of the dice on paper - below the children help each other.  Good visual discrimination practice as well as counting.

In beginning some water activities, Elliott started helping me fill the sensory table, one cup at a time!

He realized if he filled the cup up all the way it did not take as long...

We kept track of how many cups it took by drawing a line each time - Zoe and Owen helped too.  We used 38 cups!!

Then, we did some floating and sinking experiments.

We sorted which items floated and which sunk.

At the end of the week we made homemade tortillas.

Outside it was warm enough to explore the water, pouring and dumping, using the funnels and water wheel - the kids were very engaged here.

A busy week!

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