Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's in your heart?
 Yes, I do like to begin "Valentiney" curriculum as soon as February shows up!  I shared one of my favorite books with the kids, it has all sorts of visual maps, My Map Book, by Sara Fanelli.  Below, she illustrates a map of her heart and what is important to her.  We also explored this idea on paper below.

We also read a cute book called, Love Lola, Lola takes paper hearts and puts them all around the house for her family to find.  We did the same and then sorted the hearts by color and size.

We collected red things from around the room . . .

We spent some time gluing hearts to paper.

And we worked hard writing letters to you!  Below Kaden verbalizes some letters as he "writes" them.

Karsten decided to make lots of "pluses" on his letter.

Jane made a big smiley face.  We talked about what you can say in a letter.  You can say "I love you."  You can ask a question or tell some news.  The children told me what they wanted to say and I wrote if for them.

They enjoyed putting the stamp on - hopefully you have received these in the mail!  (T/TH I put in the mailbox today!)

We enjoyed other substances for painting, such as colored corn syrup.

The children enjoyed watching this sticky substance drip slowly from their brushes.

Pretty, transparent pictures . . .

Zoe enjoyed stacking the jars of pretty paint (above).

The T/TH group got their turn with glue painting.

We had giant paper this week to make drawings on.

 We love to wipe off the blackborad before we talk about our day, thank you Zoe!

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