Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letters, letters, letters . . .

Our continued "mail" theme brought about some good exercises in recognizing each other's names and great practice at holding our markers and using symbolic and representational forms to communicate with our letters to each other.  Below, Camille delivers a letter to Elliott.

Kaden stamps his letter . . .

Elliott enjoyed opening his mail and, below, we find that putting a letter in an envelope takes some fine motor skill!

Look how hard the kids worked at creating their mail!

Everyone made their own mail box this week.  Our names also had our pictures on them, to help us learn to recognize our names.

We enjoyed sorting candy hearts and reading a counting book about them.

We made some RED play dough . . .

One day we added glitter.

We did more color exploration as we read a book about the colors in a rainbow and then each child (below) identified a color and we drew our own rainbow.

We certainly had fun in the snow, too!

Jane very sweetly tried to help Kaden put his sock back on . . .

and then he eventually got it on all by himself!

We played "find the pink heart".  A fun and productive week!

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