Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's go shopping!

Inspired by Elliott's desire to imitate life, we created our own grocery store this week!

The children made lists, bagged purchases and finalized transactions with "Milestone Money", buttons for coins and "credit cards" (below).

After shopping the children created their "bus" with the chairs and went for a picnic (below).  Our store was a great opportunity for using verbal language and imagination as we pretend play.

Elliott took everyone on a picnic after they got off of the "bus".

 We made new playdough this week and I observed that everyone's getting much better at forming snakes!  Look at all of Jane's!  This is nice proof of improving fine motor skills!

The M/W/F group also had an impromptu pancake-flipping and eating lesson. . .

Another spotlight in curriculum this week centered around this new book I got at Xmas.

Our bear friend can't
find his hat.  He asks a series of animals and then realizes that 
he had seen the bunny wearing it, and eventually gets
his hat back.  
Suddenly there were red, triangular hats everywhere!

We also  enjoyed playacting the story!

 I am using some of the literature we read to generate questions for the children to answer.

We made faces with the hats on top of them and even made hats for ourselves and our stuffed animals.

I recently brought in some more of my wood block set and have been encouraging the children to construct more complicated buildings.

Other pieces of our week . . .

Making "lists" with our pretend writing.

Being cozy together...

Playing "tractor".

Using fine motor skills to put golf tees in and out of the styrofoam.

We can see each other through the plexiglass easel so I took the paper off and we used shaving cream.

The weather was so nice Friday and we only had three kiddos, so we took a wagon ride over to the Regis grassy areas.  A little running,

tree hugging and rolling down hills.

 Isn't this tree beautiful?  We are lucky to have this area across the street.

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