Sunday, April 13, 2014

Green Things and Eggs!

We have been engaging in some hopeful spring activities.  Below, Colin waters the bulbs that Sinh gave the class.

We went on a walk looking for green . . .

found a little yellow!

and purple!

We sorted pictures from the rain forest by, insect, animal or plant.

The MWF class had a turn to make imaginary gardens.

We played with some letter dice, too.

After reading a fun book called Hannah's Collections, the children brought in their own collections and we enjoyed looking at them and sorting them . . .Hazel brought in her rock collection.

Noe had many shells.

Colin sorted the cars.

Good job finishing the flower, Jackson.

At last we experienced some sunnier weather and took a walk on the Regis campus.


Good exercise.

Pretty shadows under the big, big trees . . .

We began some egg activities, first by reading, Max's Chocolate Chicken.

Noe made bunny out of the play dough!

We colored some paper eggs.

And then painted some real eggs!  Thanks for bringing them in.

(sorry the angle) The T/Th group had fun mixing colors while dying eggs.

Violet colored a pretty egg.

And she always makes us "lunch."

The flowers are blooming!

MWF (welcome Joy!) going on a "trip."

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