Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow, Rocks and Hearts . . . 

The T/Th group is learning that they really like to draw when they do it together!

We're seeing lots of beginning smiley faces and "suns" that will evolve into people drawings some day soon!

Our "group selfie."

We had lots of opportunity for snow play this week.  Thanks for preparing the kids for the weather.

The MWF group read the book, below, and made moons with our oil pastels.

They worked on their Rock Museum.

We painted rocks and gave them descriptive names . . .like the names we saw at the geology museum.

Block building continues to grow . . .

The MWF crowd constructed a "movie theater" together.  We cut up tiny little tickets for the theater-goers.

Noe thinks as she sounds out the letters for "movie."

Jack made us a parking lot . . .

Outside, Jack pretended to be the teacher and led the kids in meeting time!

The T/Th group enjoyed this story . . . 

The little girl makes a lot of valentines for friends after it rains hearts.

It then rained hearts in our classroom, so we gathered them and sorted them by color and size . . . 

and then WE made some valentines.

We are getting better at our gluing skills.

And then there was some pink gak to play with, too.

A bowl of peanuts proves to be a project in itself as the children try to figure out how to get the shell off.

One idea was to smash them with a block!

More snow!  We painted it and built a fort . . .

Then had peanuts and hot chocolate.


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