Saturday, October 12, 2013

Things that are ORANGE
We started paying attention to the questions that are posed at preschool, allowing the children to discover the answers.  Below, we learned how to make the color orange during some sensory experience and children searched the room to find anything with the color orange on it...

And, of course, pumpkins are everywhere, as we memorize the rhyme 5 Little Pumpkins . . .

Noe put our 5 Little Pumpkin pictures in the order of the rhyme - good job!

The T/Th group enjoyed taking the small pumpkins and filling colored little cups with them . . .

A little counting as we line them up . . .

Our orange-shaving cream experience . . .

Sometimes the kids need something to put IN the "goop" we are working with before they immerse their hands - Lucas and Sinh's choice for this is usually the cars.

We read a fun story about a little girl witch who collects the ghosts and uses them for curtains and table cloths!

Then we pretended to be ghosts.

The M/W group began preparing a large piece of paper to look like a tree trunk, for a big tree we are making for the room.

We started with all the brown crayons we had and then brought out the paint and puzzled over how to make BROWN.

We figured it out, and I asked the children to use wide arm strokes as they painted to take advantage of crossing the midline.

We like to pretend to have a pizza party!

We played together nicely outside.

A dry version of sensory experience - salt in the water table - it's so fun to pour through your hands!

The T/Th group just love playing with the plastic pumpkins.


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