Thursday, May 9, 2013

What will we make today?
I have had this blue mixing bowl for about 10 years now and have mixed a lot of play dough, cookies, pancakes, bread and lots and lots of other things over the years.  

The last couple of weeks we made homemade tortillas . . .

And we made "dough," as Dublin calls it.  But first we had to replenish our salt and flour supplies!

We made the best of another snowy day.

We read the book, below and then talked about what might make us have a "bad day."

Jane and Noe have a good giggle the other day as they beaded.

We looked at our globe to see where Noe was going to travel to - China!  We had gave her a graduation of her own on her last day, since we will not see her again until summer camp. We are anxiously awaiting her postcard! 

The other day it rained a lot!  We splashed and splashed and splashed!

This week we read a well-loved story...

We played a game where we looked for leaves all over the room.

...and then we counted them up!

(we worked on a secret present for the holiday that is on Sunday...)

We also talked about Ladybugs and EVEN saw ONE outside one day.

We added spots to ladybugs in many ways...

Summer drew one herself!

We did some great eye-hand coordination with some safe hammering.

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