Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning the Alphabet
Playing Games
This week we began making a class alphabet.

We also continued to look at our early readers. . .

I love it when the kids gather around a book on their own!

We are learning how to play simple games together and on our own.  Below, I created a game with shapes and colors, which requires the children to take turns and count.

We used the simple old favorite, Old Maid to do a matching game.

Summer took this to the next level and showed Jane how to play the game with all of the cards turned over.  Nice challenge!

The children loved reading this fun book, below.  The characters in the story learn to work together.  They had very fun magic wands, one being a Magic Pickle.  We made our own magic wands and talked about what we would do if we had magic powers...

The kids played another round of "going to the airport."  I wonder if Jane's family brings this much stuff to the airport in "real life"...?

We did a lot of play with the toy cars.  Jane and Anders lined ALL the cars up on the carpet, while Nabil enjoyed racing them on the track.


Later we decided to paint with the cars.  It was fun to see the tracks the wheels make.

And then, we had a car wash!

A very fun and productive week.  Welcome, Dublin to our Fridays!

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