Monday, January 21, 2013

A little celebration . . .

After days and days of cutting confetti, the children finally threw it up in the air to celebrate 2013!
Below, our finished dragon!

We had only to finish his body last week - the children worked together to color it purple and green and glue decorations onto it...

At the easel we were exposed to some Chinese characters!

We had a special "rice" treat, by making our own Rice Krispie snacks - the melted marshmallow was an interesting culinary experience!

We had divided our confetti up into bags for each child...they were excited!

 Each child also received a traditional Chinese New
Year Red Envelope, to place a wish or goal for the
new year...

Other happenings included Anders creating a car wash in the blocks - we all joined in.


Later we decided to use real water to wash the cars.

During those chilly days last week, we had outside time inside...


We finally got back outside later in the week!

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