Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Run, run, run as fast as you can!  You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

This week's curriculum was full of activities surrounding the, somewhat seasonal, story, The Gingerbread Man!

The children practiced their gluing skills in making a paper Gingerbread person...

And we learned how to run in place as we play acted the story!

The culminating event was making a real Gingerbread Man...

Below, Summer mixes the wet ingredients: egg, oil and molasses - we enjoyed smelling all the spices that go into this cookie and it made the room smell so nice as he cooked!

We added his features with some colorful Skittles...

He needed a long time to cook so we went outside, but...oops!  When we came back he was gone!  There was a note left on our oven that told us to look for him.

There he is!  Naughty Gingerbread Man!

The children commented that they would be like the Fox in the story and have a bite.  We talked about the fact that cookies are made to be eaten.

So, here's the T/Th proof that they can all sit criss cross applesauce together at meeting time!

We made a new holiday picture for our blackboard...

 Snow men (people) were a subject this week too.  This was a good opportunity for us to intentionally draw circles and put them together to form a snow person!

Drawing, lately, can be infectious among the children.  Jane was drawing a skeleton so then Noe wanted to draw one.  Anders joined in, then Summer wanted to staple her papers together, so we all did that.  Noe "wrote" her mom a letter and I offered her an envelope and then I let the children know we would write some letters to Santa next week.

Our two Alpha Girls, Summer and Jane had a sweet moment playing in the pillows together at the end of the day...

And we continue to progress on our block building!

We pretended the shaving cream was snow.  We added some cars and then it became a car wash!

With my voice being a bit sacrificed this week, I am lucky the children know the routines so well and get along so swimmingly - it made it much easier!

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