Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Many Legs Does a Spider Have?

8!  That's right Jane!  
This week we did lots of activities involving spiders . . .

We drew them . . .

And we made them out of puff balls and pipe cleaners.  We found out that spiders have more than two eyes!

It took some coordination and patience to glue our legs onto the spiders.  Below, Jane helps Summer.


Above, we made spiders out of peanut butter playdough and counted out 8 pretzel sticks for the legs.

We made a giant spider web, too, and practiced "capturing" bugs to eat!

We colored a new batch of play dough orange and decided to make our own 5 Little Pumpkins to take home!

The kids had a nice time all together while Bridget made us all "dinner".

On our weekly walk we noticed more and more yellow leaves and the leaves completely off of one of our favorite trees, above right.

Everyone found a very BIG leaf on the ground to bring back and noticed our long shadows on the sidewalk . . .

On an especially windy day we played a game with a pingpong in the hallway.

We decided to make long snakes with another batch of playdough.

On Friday we had some fun with our vehicles.  Nabil made a train and Noe and Bridget like to spontaneously line up and order the cars!

Then we had an "orange snack" of cheese toast and orange juice!

And, the pumpkins were still having fun, riding around in our toy jeep!

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