Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is Green?

We began our first days of March through the lens of things that are GREEN . . .

Elliott made some great circular forms over and over on the paper - other children followed suit.

Having a place in the room to constantly pick up a marker or crayon and exercise our pencil grip and evolving variety of marks we make on paper is an important way to develop early writing skills. 

We colored on big paper with many shades and tones of green markers, crayons and oil pastels.
Below, we found blue and yellow paint in some shaving cream at the easel . . .

and found that it made a familiar color!  

Our green drawing evolved throughout the week (below) as we added scraps of green paper with glue.

Good cutting practice!

Kaden and Karsten made "pancakes" from our green play dough.

Our big green paper became our "beanstalk" as we play acted Jack and the Beanstalk!

Owen played "Jack" and is getting the gold from the sleeping giant (Elliott).

We created a castle and Jack's house for props for the beanstalk, based on pictures from the book we were reading.

And, we, of course, found green things in our room, to continue to distinguish our growing color-knowledge.

Other fun parts of our week . . .

The T/Th group having lots of FUN together outside!

Jane shared her music maker, that everyone really wanted to look at . . . 

Lilya mixing blue and yellow to make our star color of the week.

Friday, we tried "straw painting".

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